BGP – from scary to Spiderman

I wanted to chat to you about BGP. Every time someone said its name out of loud I thought I was gonna run away and hide. I asked my friends to call it the protocol with no name, but no one listened. If you have ever played world of warcraft with Deadly boss mods they yell “run away little girl” when you need to move or something scary comes. That’s what I hear in my head every time someone says something about BGP.

So let’s talk about it some and see if we can drag it out from under the bed, into the light and maybe we (yes, mainly me), can start to tolerate it instead of running away.

BGP stands for border gateway protocol. It’s known as the routing protocol that makes the internet work. And you should know this, since it took down Facebook, when it didn’t work. Okay, so BGP is the only routing protocol used on the internet, but that doesn’t mean that the public internet is the only place it’s being used. It’s also widely spread in enterprise networks as well to rout both internal and external paths. Especially when the enterprise got two ISPs (internet service provider).

If BGP was a superhero it would be Spider Man, with his huuuge internet Web of routes. So when you can’t remember what BGP does, think of Spider Man. That’s what I do. And I am not afraid of Spider Man, I mean cmon, he is one of the good guys 😉 Maybe BGP is too since it does help us to reach Twitter. And to all the people in tech, what if we weren’t able to google?!

A friend of mine told me to google BGP looking-glass and I did. He then explained that I now saw all the routes on the internet. I recommend you to do the same. It really got my heart rate up and kinda blew my mind as well! And I do want to understand BGP fully and I will. But not right now. Now I just need to stop being scared of it.






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