The network and it’s people are hot

Why you should want to be a network engineer / network technician? Well, first of all, they are superheroes. You think I exaggerate, but I don’t. And this post will tell you why.

  • A network engineer is the guardians of layer 1-4 of the OSI and TCP/IP stack. Think about it. No developer would ever be able to do anything if you didn’t watch over the first layers. How can you build a house with no foundation? Well, you can’t.
  • A network engineer has so much knowledge about so many things you might me scared. I sure am. Let me just name a few things these guys need to know: A LOT about: Routing and switching, security and wireless. And now also automation and cloud. Yes, this is true. These guys are pure awesomeness.
  • The neteng community is great! I have never felt so welcomed before. They don’t look down on your because you are new. They want your interest to grow and they are here to help.
  • And one more great thing is the best podcast out there, “Art of network engineering”, where they give you news in the field and also includes their members in the podcast and it’s like one big family. They have a discord as well where they help you out if you have questions and where you can help out people as well.
  • If you get into the field and find that you love to work with for example, wireless, and you do that for a while, you can then easily change when you want because there’s so many things you can work with.
  • They have ranks among them! This is true. Not just superhero, but you can be junior superhero or senior superhero. You can also get badges of honor, when you have completed a huge task. Like CCNA, CCNP, CCIE (if you are on the cisco train) and so many more. You can always grow in this profession. And there’s always someone or something to celebrate 🙂

If you are interested in tech this is definitely a field for you to explore.






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